Under the Weather Pet | Easy to Digest Bland Dog Food Diet, Sick Dogs Sensitive Stomachs - Electrolytes - Gluten Free, All Natural, Freeze Dried 100% Human Grade Meat

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  • NO MORE COOKING - JUST ADD WATER! When dogs experience digestive upset, including vomiting and diarrhea, vets recommend feeding a “bland diet” to soothe the digestive tract until normal digestion is restored.
  • OUR AWARD-WINNING BLAND DIET is freeze dried and contains white rice, sweet potato and 100% human grade grass fed beef, with NO antibiotics or hormones. Enhanced with a powerful electrolyte blend to boost hydration and energy.
  • VET-FORMULATED AND VET RECOMMENDED - Freeze dried bland diets soothe your pup's tummy during times of digestive upset, including travel, surgery, medications, and changes in daily routine. Bland Diets can also be used as a topper to help ease your dog’s transition back to their regular diet.
  • CONVENIENCE - Just add water and this freeze-dried formula re-hydrates in minutes! With a 3-year shelf life, being prepared with a quick and healthy meal solution for when your dog is feeling under the weather, has never been easier! Keep a few Bland Diets in your pantry so when a digestive issue develops, you can skip the prep and get your pup feeling better faster!
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - With only the highest quality human grade ingredients, FREE OF By-Products, Gluten, Artificial Flavors, and Dies.

Product Description

1 Soothes Digestion 2 Convenient 3 Electrolytes 4 Be Prepared
Founded By a Busy Dog Mom

How We Got Our Start

Under the Weather was inspired by Ruffy, our founder's Wheaten Terrier (our logo!), after going through a bout of digestive upset. The vet recommended a "bland diet" until healthy digestion was restored. After the inconvenience of cooking, our founder became determined to develop a more convenient solution. Under the Weather is solely dedicated to making pets feel better and relieving the stress that people feel when their pet is ill.

Feeding Directions

The guideline above should NOT be used in place of your veterinarian's recommendation. Under the Weather is intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding only. Please hydrate the contents BEFORE following these guidelines.

How long does this last unopened?

Because they are freeze dried they have a very long shelf life of 3 years!

How much does one bag make?

About 4 cups of rehydrated mixture!

Do you offer a bland diet for cats?

All of our bland diets are safe for cats to use as well. Please check with your vet for serving sizes.

Can I use the bland diets as an ongoing diet?

The bland diets do not have all the nutrients needed for a long term diet. However many customers use the bland diets as a topper/mixer after their dog is feeling better as dogs love the taste!

Under the Weather Bland Diets Flavors For Dogs

Meat Cage Free Chicken Grass Fed Beef Cage Free Chicken Cage Free Turkey Cage Free Chicken
Extras! None Freeze-dried Sweet Potato Pumpkin Powder Freeze-dried Sweet Potato Bone Broth
Vet Formulated