Solid Wood Column Cat Climbing Frame Toy

$138.40 USD

Product information:

Material: solid pine, paper tube, hemp rope, space capsule
Combination: fence, space capsule, cat's nest, springboard, grab post
Product category: cat climbing frame

The inner diameter of the capsule is 30cm

A: Springboard+springboard+springboard,
B: Springboard+space capsule+springboard,
C: Square fence=fence+space capsule+springboard,
D: Large fence+gangway+house+fence+square fence,
E: Big fence+space capsule+springboard+springboard,
F: Large fence+space capsule+U-shaped hammock+springboard
G: Large fence+space capsule+square fence


Advantages: good stability, hole free and removable, convenient installation, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance

Packing list:

Cat climbing frame*1