Pet Rabbit Emergency Kit with Timothy Recovery Food (Small Emergency Kit)

$31.16 USD
  • 15 packets of recovery food (10 grams each)
  • Grain and Soy Free
  • Timothy hay based
  • 3 packets of Appetite Restore (10 grams each)
  • Balanced Nutrition

Product Description

Signs of digestive upset

Digestive health, G.I. tract motility, energy and appetite are all closely related to each other. If one declines then the others will decline too.

Feeding greens will increase signs of digestive upset

Feeding even a small amount of greens to a 6 pound rabbit caused these signs of digestive upset to appear within a few days and it took over a week of not feeding any greens to fix it.

Most pellets contain too much grain and soy and cause digestive upset

If hay is the first ingredient is the formula mostly hay? No! Most brands cut costs by adding soybean hulls or oat hulls to replace as much hay as possible. They also contain more grain and soy products than hay.

Sherwood's hay-based formulas prevent digestive upset

Complete balanced nutrition

  • grain free
  • soy free
  • hay based formulas

Real hay and no substitutes!

Sherwood's formulas contain real hay and don't use alternatives like soybean hulls or grain by-products.

Recovery Plan

Stop feeding grain, soy, veggies, salads/greens, fruits, and treats,

Then use the appetite restore to help restore electrolytes and B-vitamins. Also feed the recovery food as much as they are willing to eat both day and night. You may need to encourage feeding with a feeding syringe.

Recovery food

This is a hay based formula with no grain or soy. Mix it with water and feed it with a syringe or a bowl.

It also contains B-vitamins and motility herbs to help your pets appetite get back on track.

This is a professional formula used by veterinarians.