Multifunctional Rainbow Gradient Color Dog Traction Rope Collar Cotton Dog Walking Rope Hand-Woven Rope

$36.20 USD

Product Information:
Country/Region of Origin: Australia
Patent type: design patent
Color: rainbow collar, rainbow double traction, rainbow suit, pink blue collar, pink blue double traction, pink blue suit, sea salt lemon collar, sea salt lemon double traction, sea salt lemon suit, orange soda collar, orange soda double traction , Orange soda set, pear yellow collar, pear yellow double-head traction, pear yellow suit, peach powder collar, peach powder double-head traction, peach powder suit, dark green collar, dark green double-head traction rope, dark green suit, please contact Customer service
Specifications (length * width): XS-super small, S-small, M-medium, L-large, XL-super large, diameter 1.5cm and length 210cm