Lillian Ruff Leave-In Dog Conditioner & Detangler Spray - Ph Balanced After-Bath No Rinse Hydrating Dog Conditioning Spray - Silky Shine Spray for Dry Skin, Itch Relief, Detangling & Dematting (8Oz)

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Pattern Name
  • LEAVE IN HAIR CONDITIONER - No rinse needed. Shake well. Spray generously on your dog’s coat, and use a comb, your fingers, or a loose brush or pick to gently incorporate and undo matting and tangles. Your dog's coat will be left feeling silky and smooth. Makes a great gift for pet lovers. Safe for cats.
  • ALL SKIN TYPES - Our gentle conditioner does not contain any harmful chemicals which prevents skin irritation, making it a perfect conditioner for dogs with normal, dry or sensitive skin. Safe for dogs, cats and most pets.
  • SUBTLE FRESH SCENT - Our conditioner has a very subtle fresh scent that leaves your dog smelling great for days.
  • HIGH QUALITY FORMULA - Our pet grooming products are made right here in the USA. No animal testing, 100% Cruelty-free TEAR FREE | NON-AEROSOL | GLUTEN FREE | PARABEN FREE | VEGAN | SULFATE FREE.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- We are so sure that you will love our product that it comes with a 30 day Risk-Free 100% money-back-guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, let us know and receive a full refund.

Product Description

When it Has to be the Best!

Trusted by groomers & infused with natural essential oils and powerful ingredients that work, we offer an assortment of grooming products safe for pets of all colors, sizes, and life stages.

Lillian Ruff Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler

What it does

Lillian Ruff Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler for dogs helps to replenish dull, dry, unruly hair adding shine and moisture while imparting a gentle powdery scent.

How it works

Unlike other sprays or foams, our formula does not need to be wiped off your pet’s coat. Simply spray on damp or dry coats and brush through fur to easily detangle knots, undo matting, and restore moisture to your pet's skin. For best results, use in combination with Our Lillian Ruff Shampoos & Conditioners as part of a complete grooming regimen.

Who Its For

Our gentle conditioner is perfect for dogs with normal, dry, or sensitive skin and safe for dogs, cats, and most pets. Our proprietary formula is cruelty-free and formulated without colorants, parabens, sulfates, gluten, and harsh alcohols.

Choose the Best Leave-In Conditioner/Detangler For your Dog, Puppy, Or Cat

  • Conditions & Detangles in 1 Easy Step
  • Promotes Skin and Coat Health
  • Infused with Natural Ingredients
  • Fresh Powdery Scent
  • pH Balanced for Puppies and Mature Dogs
  • Gluten-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Sulfate-Free

When It Has To Be The Best


Contrary to popular belief, affordable grooming products that cleanse, soften, and protect your pet's skin and coat without harmful ingredients do exist. Our powerful formula requires less product than competitor brands, so a little goes a long way!


We're well aware of the dangers and harmful chemicals like isobutane, LPG, Talc, and Alcohol denat used in aerosol cans so we had to come up with a healthy alternative that's safe for you, your pet, and the environment! Lillian Ruff Leave-In Conditioner & detangler is aerosol & alcohol-free making it safe and gentle for routine use.


Consider everything your pet's skin & coat endures between bathing: rolling, playing, sleeping, eating, doggy parks, puddles and so much more. This often leads to dryness, damage, and matting. Lillian ruff Leave-In Conditioner and detangler is the easiest way to prevent and reverse the effects of everyday doggy play, leaving them with smoother, shinier, healthier, and happier skin & fur.

Gluten Free

Incorporating Lillian Ruff gluten-free products into your pet’s grooming routine is a good way to promote peace of mind. In fact, pets with sensitive skin could notice less skin and paw irritation when they switch to gluten-free shampoos and grooming products.

Sulfate Free

Using Lillian ruff sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners is a good way to help retain the natural oils in your pet’s skin & fur & maintain moisture. It's also a good option for pets with easily irritated skin, as sulfates can cause even more dryness and itching.

Paraben Free

Just like humans, pets are susceptible to the damaging effects of harsh chemicals on their skin. Ensure your pet’s wellness by using Lillian Ruff’s extensive line of paraben-free grooming products to avoid skin irritations and keep your pet feeling better longer.


Lillian ruff Vegan grooming products ensure your pet's skin is nourished with natural oils and plant extracts, keeping coats protected and durable. The end result you will leave your pet with a vibrant, healthy shine. Using vegan grooming products also means that you know that they are cruelty-free!

Our Commitment to Quality

We continue to deliver products that are of the highest quality standards and difficult to find anywhere else, other than Lillian Ruff. Search Amazon for our other Lillian Ruff products. When only the best will do. You will love them. Best when used as a complete grooming regimen. Try them all out today! Your pet will smell amazing and their coat will be as soft as can be. Our pet grooming products are made right here in the USA.

Use Remove Tear Stains, Brighten Whites Sensitive Skin Extra Moisture Brighten & Whiten Combat Matting & Knots Between Washes
Scents Blueberry Lavender Coconut Lavender Coconut Coconut Puppy Fresh Lavender Coconut, Vanilla, Citrus, Lavender
Available Sizes 16oz, Gallon, Gallon with Pump 16oz, Gallon, Gallon with Pump 16oz, Gallon, Gallon with Pump 16oz, Gallon, Gallon with Pump 8oz, Gallon 16oz, Gallon
Recommended For White, Light Coats All Types & Colors, Sensitive Skin All Types & Colors, Sensitive Skin All Types & Colors, Sensitive Skin All Types & Colors, Longer or Thicker Coats All Types & Colors, Sensitive Skin
Type Pet Shampoo Pet Shampoo Pet Conditioner Pet Shampoo Pet Leave-In Conditioner Pet Waterless Shampoo