Kitty up - Lickable Cat Treat Pouches for Indoor Cats - All Natural Tuna Puree Tube Treats - Kitten and Senior Soft Wet Cat Food - Limited Ingredient - Grain Free with Lysine - 50 Tubes

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  • POWERFUL DAILY NOURISHMENT: Kitty Up's tuna puree mixture of multivitamins and minerals is the perfect balance in taste and feline nourishment. Use it for daily treats as a food meal topper, feeding by hand or in a bowl. Promotes a range of health by providing needed nutrients indoor cats lack. Helps heal and nourish cats of all ages and types. Simple ingredients make a good addition to cats limited ingredient diet (LID). We have worked hard to bring you the very best in all natural cat treats.
  • HAPPY HEALTHY CAT: Our unique tuna puree recipe made with real tuna and whole foods like carrot, broccoli and green tea is a delicious way for your kitty to take l-lysine and taurine. No artificial ingredients, no preservatives and grain free. Supports antibodies and enzymes for a better immune system, strong bones, healthy skin and shiny coat. Promotes healthy vision, digestion and heart muscle function. Your cats will love our great tasting, nutrient dense, carefully crafted cat puree treat.
  • LOVE YOUR NEST FELINE FRIEND: Kitty Up is a clean and time tested formula on our very own foster kittens and recovering cats. Our crafted formula helps heal recovering cats, kittens, senior cats, or as a prenatal for pregnant cats. We have taken years to create a blend that can feed the most discerning kitten while fueling their bodies the right way. We have created an industry leading cat treat to show how much you care for your feline friend's body and soul. Show your love with a purchase.
  • EASY AND SAFE: Our easy to squeeze pouch gives just the right amount for your cats treat. Each bag comes with four squeezable tubes/pouches for easy feed by hand or as an addition to a meal. Each cat treat has undergone stringent quality inspection and hours of development with leading animal nutritionists. Kitty Up soft cat treats are crafted to the highest standards.
  • WOMEN OWNED BUSINESS: Kitty Up is a cat loving, women owned and operated small business. We partner with Stray Cat Alliance, fostering their kitten's before they find a permanent home. We love cats and want to provide the highest quality food that nourishes the mind, body and soul.

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