Intelligent timing fish feeder for aquarium

$18.64 USD

1. Pull open the battery box cover, press the two 1.5V DC batteries into the positive and negative mark positions in the box, put them correctly and then push in the battery cover.
2. Take out the lid of the bucket, put the fish into the bucket, and then press the lid of the bucket to open the bucket switch.
3. Install the bracket. Install it on the edge of the fish tank according to your needs and fix it with two female screws.
4. Press the NO button to connect the power supply, the switch indicator flashes.
5. Press the SET selection key, the POWER indicator light is on. The I indicator flashes, indicating that the fish food is put in for 12 hours.
6. If you choose to automatically put fish feed in 24 hours, press the SET button, the POWER indicator light is on and the indicator light flashes.
7. If you want to put the fish feed immediately, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds to automatically put the fish feed.
1. This product cannot be immersed in water.
2. Don't grab the bucket and twist it forcibly.

3. Insufficient power must be replaced with new batteries.