Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe with Real Rabbit Natural Dry Cat Food, 4.5 Lb. Bag

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Flavor Name
  • GRAIN FREE CAT FOOD FOR CATS WITH SENSITIVITIES: Instinct Limited Ingredient cat food is made with 1 protein & 1 vegetable. No grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives.
  • NATURAL CAT FOOD WITH FARM RAISED RABBIT: Crafted for cats with food allergy, our Limited Ingredient Diet is made with simple ingredients like farm raised rabbit, a healthy, easily digestible protein that provides all the essential amino acids.
  • THE FIRST RAW COATED KIBBLE: Instinct Limited Ingredient dry cat food is cat food where every piece of kibble is coated in freeze dried raw for nutrition and taste.  Delicious, healthy flavor that cats to kittens crave.
  • POWER OF RAW INGREDIENTS: Our cat food is made with the pure, real nutrition of raw. Raw is natural, made from real meat & whole food ingredients, protein packed & minimally processed. Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world.
  • OUR BEST CAT FOOD FOR ALLERGIES: We craft dry & wet cat food from real ingredients. Compare Instinct to Blue Buffalo, Fancy Feast, Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, Rachel Ray, Natural Balance, Merrick, Purina One, Friskies, Wellness, Iams, Beyond & Weruva

From the manufacturer

What is raw pet food?

  • REAL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Raw is made with raw meat, fruits, vegetables & other wholesome ingredients
  • MINIMALLY PROCESSED, NEVER COOKED: Raw is never cooked and less processed than other pet food—keeping valuable nutrients intact
  • NUTRIENT DENSE: Raw, uncooked foods retain natural flavors, antioxidants, amino acids & vitamins and minerals
  • FROZEN OR FREEZE-DRIED: We take our raw frozen product and freeze-dry it (removing the moisture) which makes it shelf stable

*Benefits reflect customer observations. Actual benefits could vary.

The Benefits of Feeding Raw*

  • Better digestion
  • Increased energy & vitality
  • Improved skin & coat
  • Relief from food sensitivities
  • Weight improvement
  • Smaller, firmer #2s
  • Picky eater approved
  • Increased mealtime excitement

Our Commitment as The Raw Brand

Our Ingredients.

Instinct recipes are made with the highest quality ingredients. Responsibly sourced meats, fruits, vegetables and other wholesome ingredients. We do not use soy, corn, wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives or other filler ingredients in our recipes.

Our Standards.

For over 15 years, our team has been crafting and perfecting raw recipes. Made by our team in Lincoln, Nebraska, our raw recipes are crafted in our own kitchens to ensure the highest standards in quality, cleanliness and food safety.

Our Purpose.

We know that raw food, and how it’s made —less processed, real, whole—has the power to transform lives. From 100% raw frozen recipes to freeze-dried raw coated kibble—we’re helping pet parents find a variety of ways to incorporate raw.

Product Description Grain-free, limited ingredient raw coated kibble Grain-free, limited ingredient wet food Grain-free, limited ingredient wet complement to any meal High protein kibble + freeze-dried raw pieces—adds raw to every bowl Freeze-dried raw toppers or treats—easy to add into any meal Freeze-dried raw toppers or treats— made with functional, healthy ingredients
Unique Features ONE animal protein & ONE vegetable in every recipe for pets with food sensitivities with raw on every piece ONE animal protein & ONE vegetable in every recipe for pets with food sensitivities Simple cuts of meat with ONE animal protein & ONE vegetable in every recipe for pets with food sensitivities Bites of freeze-dried raw plus a probiotic boost, Omegas and antioxidants Made with real meats and non-GMO fruits and vegetables Made with cage-free chicken plus funct
Available Varieties Farm-raised rabbit, cage-free turkey, wild-caught salmon Farm-raised rabbit, cage-free turkey, wild-caught salmon Farm-raised rabbit, cage-free turkey Cage-free chicken, cage-free duck, wild-caught salmon Cage-free chicken, farm-raised rabbit Digestive Health, Skin & Coat
Complete & Balanced Meal A topper/treat A topper/treat A topper/treat
Made without grain, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives.