Instant Noodles and Plush Cat's Nest

$28.73 USD

The pet bed is plump and skin-friendly, ensuring that furry friends are surrounded by warmth. Ideal for air-conditioned rooms or cold winters. Used together with high-quality pp cotton pads, it can improve the flexibility and overall comfort of the bed.
The semi-closed instant noodle shape provides a warm and comfortable residence for pets.
Sleeping in it is like sleeping in the warm embrace of the owner, which gives the pets a complete sense of security.

Material: cloth
Product category: pet nest
Material: face
Product category: pet products
Color: Red Ramen
Small/diameter 40*height 20cm [within 6 catties]
Large size/diameter 50*height 20cm [within 20 kg]

Package Content:
1 x Cat's Nest