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$20.98 USD

1. Beginner Puppy Puzzle: This interactive puppy puzzle toy is a fun snack dispenser, which can prepare more challenging games for your puppy.
2. How to Play: This durable puppy toy is a dog brain game, which is very suitable for beginners. Put your puppy’s favorite snacks in 9 snack compartments and cover the bones. Tell your puppy where the snacks are and let the puppy game begin!
3. Feeding Joy: This entertaining dispenser dog toy can be used to provide your puppy with healthy snacks or dry kibbles-solving food problems will slow down the fascinating meal time.
4. BPA-free PVC and Phthalates: Made of food-safe materials. This durable dog activity toy is made of hard plastic. After emptying the dog food dispenser compartment, you can wash your hands with soap and water.
5. Help Reduce Destructive Behavior: By creating a positive exit for the puppy's natural chewing, digging, and hunting instincts, this puzzle toy helps redirect bad behavior.

Product information:
Product category: educational toys
material: plastic
Weight: 0.46kg
Specification: new blue, orange
Size information: about 28*28*3cm/11.02*11.02*1.18inch

Packing List:

1*Leaking Food Toy