Silicone Dog Cat Bowl Mat Non-Stick Food Pad Water Cushion Waterproof Pet Feeding Mat for Cat Dog Food Water Bowl Water Fountain Placemats

$18.25 USD
  • Waterproof: Made of premium soft silicone,totally waterproof and safe for your pets. This PETKIT silicone mat features a raised edge around its border that helps to contain water runoff to the top of the mat; it works as a barrier to help prevent spills from reaching your floors and causing potential damage.
  • Less Mess: Keep silent when feeding, raised outer lip prevents spellings of food and water to keep your pet's mealtime mess off your floors.
  • Anti-Slip: Frosted back surface helps prevent slipping for secure placement, it won't slide to scare your pets and mess your floor.
  • Made of food grade material, BPA free, perfect for your pets and home.Dishwasher safe, easy to clean with water or a wet rag.
  • Mat measures 13.4x18.11 inches,convenient to store and carry.

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