Secret Litter Box by - Hidden Litter Box Enclosure, Patented Design with Odor Control, Includes Faux Plant, Carbon Filter and Real Stones

$130.37 USD
  • SECRET LITTER BOX – Hide your kitty litter box from view in any room thanks to Bundle & Bliss. Our patented faux planter gives your cat or kitten extra privacy and adds decorative value to your living space.
  • ODOR FIGHTING CARBON – Keep your home smelling clean and fresh with a powerful carbon filter. Made from pure, activated carbon and measuring over 2 inches thick, this strong filter works year-round to continuously absorb and neutralize odor.
  • CHARMING GREENERY – Put your functional cat furniture in any room and enjoy neutral tones and aesthetics. Nest your faux plant under the included river stones for a sparkling finish.
  • COMPATIBLE LINERS – The Bundle & Bliss Reusable Liners (sold separately) make changing the litter effortless. Tailored to fit perfectly inside, our liners are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and a friendly alternative to single-use plastic liners.
  • OUR PAW-MISE TO YOU – Count on us for high-quality cat stuff that handles your cat’s…stuff. Your Secret Litter Box is backed by our love of felines, a 30-day money back guarantee, and our commitment to your complete cat-isfaction.

Product Description

Hidden in Plain Sight

You love your cat, but that love comes with a cost - litter box logistics are no joke! Bring home a cat litter box that solves all your problems and helps beautify your space.

Bundle & Bliss is here with the Secret Litter Box—a modern litter box solution that can be hidden in plain sight, keeping litter contained and camouflaged under faux foliage. Give your cat an enclosed litter-time sanctuary. Enjoy cleaner floors and a more beautiful home.

The Secret Litter Box offers a modern solution to the age-old question: where should I put my litter box? Place it anywhere you need without interrupting the flow in your home and give your cat the privacy they need.

Make Any Home a Fur-ever Home

Not every house or apartment has the perfect spot to place a litter box - so hide one in plain sight. Whether you live in a big-city apartment or a sprawling country ranch, we believe everyone deserves to experience the love of a furry friend.

The Litter Box You Both Deserve

Being a good pet parent is about more than just cuddles - it's about caring for their needs and creating an environment for them to thrive in. Treat them and yourself to a litter box that blends seamlessly into your decor.

Excellent Design

Odor Elimination That Isn't Kitten Around

Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with a natural, nontoxic filter. Made with fragrance-free activated charcoal, your carbon filter is the largest litter box filter on the market and works year round to continously absorb and neutralize odor.

Realistic Greenery

Top off your litter box enclosure with realistically lush greenery and shiny river stones. The perfect way to brighten up any room or space in your home.

Complete Purrivacy

There's nothing more vital to a cat's comfort in their home than the litter box. Give your cats plenty of room to stretch out and take care of business in secluded comfort. Your extra large litter box is 20 in. across, big enough for the fluffiest felines.

Reusable Liners (sold separately)

Do your part in slowing down landfill overflow and choose kitten supplies that last longer and do more. Pair your Secret Litter Box with our reusable tarpaulin fabric tray liners. Dump out litter with ease and wash the liner for continued use.

Because They're Worth It

Relish a litter box designed for both you and your cat. Enjoy charming decorative aesthetics that work in any room. Watch your cat swish their tail with joy for a better bathroom experience.

Your Complete Litter Box Solution Available in Vivid White, Soft Grey and Matte Black Reusable Liners (3 Pack) for the Secret Litter Box Replacement Carbon Filter for the Secret Litter Box
Includes Discreet litter enclosure, faux plant, river stones, carbon filter 3 Reusable liners (3-9 month supply depending on your cat(s)) 9 x 9 x 2 in. activated carbon filter