Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Dog Food with Probiotics for Dogs, Chicken & Rice Formula - 18 Lb. Bag

$71.06 USD
Flavor Name
  • One (1) 18 lb. Bag - Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Protein-to-fat ratio is optimized to maintain muscle mass during weight loss
  • High protein formula, with real chicken as the first ingredient
  • Fortified with guaranteed live probiotics for digestive and immune health
  • Used to be known as FOCUS Weight Management Formula

Product Description

Put your dog's nutritional needs first with Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Weight Management Chicken and Rice Formula adult dry dog food. Each serving contains 15 percent less fat than Pro Plan ESSENTIALS Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice Formula for Adult Dogs, helping make it easier for your dog to maintain a healthy weight. Chicken as the first ingredient helps provide protein, one of the essential nutritional building blocks, and a high protein level helps him maintain muscle mass during weight loss. Every high-quality ingredient in this healthy weight dog food is carefully chosen for a specific nutritional or functional purpose, so you can rest easy knowing your dog is getting what he needs in every bowl. Formulated to provide 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for overweight or less active adult dogs, this Pro Plan dog food helps your favorite canine companion keep up with your active, busy lifestyle.


From the moment we wake up each morning, to the instant we pull into our driveways at the end of each day – our dogs are there, offering the one-of-a-kind commitment only they can provide.

That’s why we want to do more to give back to our dogs in every way we can.Pro Plan® Weight Manage Formula is made with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, in a savory combination of hard kibble and tender, for high-quality nutrition and a taste dogs love. To help your dog lose excess weight and maintain a healthy size, this formula features an optimal protein to fat ratio that helps dogs lose fat, not muscle.Pro Plan® Weight Management Formula Supports:Healthy Weight MaintenanceWith 25% less fat than Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula for adult dogs.Muscle Mass MaintenanceHigh levels of protein help protect muscle mass during weight loss.Healthy HeartHigh-quality protein along with essential vitamins and minerals.Strong Immune SystemComplete nutrition with high levels of antioxidants, natural milk proteins and additional quality protein including real chicken.Healthy Digestive SystemWith natural prebiotic fiber from whole wheat bran.Optimal Nutrient AbsorptionHighly digestible formula so dogs receive optimal nutrition from food with less going to waste.Radiant Skin and CoatWith vitamin A and high-quality protein combined with linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid.Strong Teeth and BonesWith calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals--as well as a hard kibble texture that helps reduce plaque build-up on teeth.Exceptional FlavorWith high-quality ingredients, beginning with real chicken, as the #1 ingredient.About Pro Plan® from Purina®
Passionate pet owners strive to do more for their dogs and cats in any way they can. That’s why Pro Plan® has created a complete line of dog and cat food made with high-quality ingredients for outstanding nutrition and taste, in a variety of formulas to help meet your pet’s unique needs based on life stage, lifestyle, and breed size.