Litter Pearls Tracksless Unscented Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter with Odorbond, 7 Lb, White, Clear and Blue Crystals

$32.60 USD
  • Tracksless Low Tracking Crystals; fragrance-free litter, with less mess, that controls odors and is soft on cats' paws for a comfortable and refreshing litter experience
  • ODORBOND 30 Day Odor Control; neutralizes ammonia odors on contact for powerful odor control, even in multi-cat settings
  • Safe and Gentle; Silica Gel is non-toxic, safe for cats, other animals and people; Unscented crystals are also great for sensitive noses
  • Low Dust Litter; dust removal is an important part of the Litter Pearls production process, keeping your air and surfaces dust-free and cleaner with this low-tracking litter
  • Odor Control with Easy Maintenance; Non-clumping Tracksless Litter Pearl crystals absorb odor-causing liquid and dry feces, making litter box maintenance easy and your litter box smell cleaner, longer
  • Age range description: cats of all ages - kitten, junior, prime, mature, senior, geriatric

Litter Pearls Tracksless crystal cat litter with ODORBOND is the ultimate non-clumping litter for odor control. Litter Pearls was the first U.S. brand of crystal cat litter and is made with the highest quality Silica Gel crystals available. Silica Gel is safe, non-toxic and allergen-free. Not only are Litter Pearls crystals safe for cats and people, they are also lightweight with high absorbency properties, requiring less litter than clay and other types of litters. This means, using Litter Pearls, less litter per cat ends up in the landfill. Trackless crystals’ powerful odor control is supplied by ODORBOND Technology, a proprietary, safe additive which neutralizes ammonia odors on contact. When used as directed Litter Pearls Tracksless will control ammonia odors for up to 30 days, keeping the litter box fresher, longer. Litter Pearls Tracksless low-tracking crystals are fragrance free and comfortable on cats' paws for a more pleasant litter experience.