Licking Mat for Dogs and Cats,Dog Slow Feeders,Boredom Anxiety Reduction,Heavy-Duty Puzzle Mat Dog Treat Mat with Unique Quadrant Design,Perfect for Yogurt,Treats or Peanut Butter(Blue)

$13.03 USD
  • SERVE WET AND DRY FOOD TOGETHER:Unique quadrant design allows the dog slow feeder to accommodate wet or raw pet food, dry kibble, or softer foods like smashed pumpkins, yogurt,or peanut butter.The crosses part of the mat is perfect for small kibble, raw and dry foods.the dots part for runny foods and spreadable treats.
  • PROMOTE SLOWER HEALTHY FEEDING:Slow feeder mat promote healthy eating, unique pattern design can slow down rapid eating and stop choking, adjust pet weight, prolonging meal time prevent indigestion. This treats mat both challenge and engage your dog during mealtime while helping reduce overeating behavior.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN:The unique bottom mirror design of the dog fun feed mat makes the mat easy to stick to the ground to prevent sliding or tipping.The flexible silicone raised patterns can effectively slow down the dog's eating speed and is friendly to the bridge of the dog's nose.
  • REDUCES BOREDOM & ANXIETY:The repetitive act of licking is incredibly soothing for your dog,promoting calming behaviors in anxious and stressful situations such as vet visits, training time, nail clipping, grooming or stay at home alone and so on. Spoil them with a slow feeding mat
  • SAFE AND STURDY MATERIAL:Your pet’s health is most important. The Bangp licking mat is made of food-grade silicone, which is soft,durable and high temperature and freezing resistant.Unlike hard plastic, it will not damage your dog's nose during eating.It’s not easy to be deformed.And it’s easy to clean. Dishwasher and hot soapy water can easily clean up the residual food.

Product Description

Bangp Slow Feeder,Dog Lick Pad,and Treat Dispensing Toys,Fun Alternative to Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Bangp Pet Slower Food Feeding Dish raises your dog's healthy eating habits.Make your dog's meal time fun and mentally stimulating!The Slow Feeder Mat features meal-lengthening ridges and mazes, that keep dogs engaged for longer at chow time.Slowing your dog's eating pace can improve digestion and help reduce bloat.It’s a great pet care accessory;a fun, engaging & tasty interactive dog toy, dog puzzle, or cat puzzle toy.It’s also a great pet soothing licking mat that helps promote calmness as they lick their favorite snack from the textured surface providing your cat or dog anxiety relief.

One size fits all -No matter how big or small a breed you have, our licking mat for dogs is a universally great addition for all pet parents. The mat measures 8.3" by 8.3" and features a very thick profile at 0.7" - a highly durable and a smart alternative to slow dog feeder bowls.

A Better Way To Feed

  • Significantly reduce the speed of eating dog,dog restore the original natural way of eating.
  • Food Safe Materials:Dog licking mat is made of durable food-grade silicone,BPA,PVC & Phthalate free
  • Diet Diversity:Great for small kibble food,raw meat,peanut butter, yogurt,or other spreadable treats.

Reduces Anxiety and Destructive Behavior

Turn meal or treat time into playtime with Bangp Slow Feeder Mat! Fun new ways to help suppress destructive behavio or break separation anxiety for the anxious pups.Let your dog get his energy out with one of our Mats, so you and your dog can live happy together.

Slow Down Feeding Prevent Bloating

Bangp Dog Lick Pads feature multiple challenging mazes that can increase the difficulty of eating.Effectively prolongs the feeding time of the pet,controls the eating speed,prevents bloat and improves digestion while stimulating your pet's intellectual development.

Keep Your Dog Calm and Distracted

The repetitive act of licking is incredibly soothing for your dog,help keep your canine companion calm and de-stressed during storms,separations,travel,nail trimming and grooming with Bangp slow feeder mat.Having this pet care accessory in your toolbox makes the daily challenges of pet parenthood so much easier.

Promotes Fresh Breath Strong Teeth & Gums

Licking promotes better breath and overall dental health, so your pup is automatically cleaning their tongue and gums while using our lick pad.

Benefits of Bangp Pet Treat Dispensing Mats

  • Unique quadrant design,2 in 1 dog licking and slow feeding.
  • Flexible, food-grade silicone to protect your dog's mouth and teeth.
  • Promote healthy diet for pets - Naturally improves digestion by slowing down meals.
  • Distracts your pet & makes him or her happy,and reduces anxiety & destructive behavior during stressful times.
  • Provide fun feeding ways for dogs,interactive game to improve the relation and stimulate pets to be more lively .

NOTE:This dog slow treat mat is not a chew toy, please remember to supervise your pets during use.Any problems about the dog lick pad,reach out to us directly.Bangp brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together.