KATHMANDU'S - Authentic Himalayan Organic Cheese - Natural Dog Chew, Long-Lasting, No to Low Odor, Low Fat & Protein Rich, Hand-Crafted for Dogs under 90 Lbs, Extra Large (6-7 Oz), 1-Count

$20.24 USD
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  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Compare with ANY store brand chew - Quality of our chews are BETTER or EQUAL to the leading store brands, otherwise 100% money back. Simply write to us via "contact seller"
  • Contains one XTRA LARGE chew - Each chew weighs anywhere between 6 and 7 Oz.
  • Crafted for medium to large breeds. Approximate size 7 x 1.5 x 1 inches. Chewing time varies from hours to days or week depending on the chewing strength of a dog. Some dog may finish in an hour while for others it may last for several weeks
  • 100% natural. No added salt, sugar, acid, preservatives, and binding agents - ideal for canine's dental hygiene
  • Contains more than 50% digestible protein and approx 2% fat by weight

Product Description