Incredibubbles Interactive Cat Toys - Long Lasting Edible Bubbles for Cats - Catnip Flavor - 20 ML

$6.51 USD
Flavor Name
  • FLAVORED BUBBLES: These amazingly durable bubbles don't pop right away when they land, creating an exciting playground for your pet. Catnip flavored
  • NON-TOXIC: Safe for pets and children, these are slightly thicker than children’s bubbles
  • FUN: An entirely new game for your favorite pet!
  • STURDY BUBBLES: Dry in the air and could stay on surfaces until popped
  • RECOMMEMDED FOR OUTDOOR USE: Bubbles can be messy/sticky and sometimes leave a film after popped. Best used outside

Blow long-lasting bubbles for pets to chase and pop. Bubbles dry in the air and lond on the ground without popping where they wait to be attacked by dogs and cats alike. Peach flavored non-toxic solution creates hours and hours of entertainment.....