Handmade red Chinese New Year and festive Christmas pet cat and dog collar jewelry bow

$14.99 USD

Product information

The collars in the picture are all XS numbers
The model picture is a white Teddy with a height of 30cm
Lace length is about 5-7CM
The length of the bow is about 9CM
Sakura diameter is about 4CM
Other sizes of lace length
And the bow size will be scaled proportionally
Dear friends, please choose the size of the collar according to the neck circumference
Every lotus seed will put--glue stick
Paste it to prevent the diamond from falling off. Burn it with a lighter to stick
When you open the package, please check it carefully so as not to accidentally throw it away
Po Barium Number: Black and White Lolita Pet Collar
About the fabric: imported white mesh pearl lace + black water-soluble polyester lace
Color options: black and white
Number selection: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Lace length: The picture shows the size of the XS lace. The length of the lace is about 6cm. Other sizes will be scaled accordingly.
The neck circumference is the circumference of the pet's neck,
You can use a soft ruler to go around your neck loosely--circle measurement
If you don't have a soft ruler, you can use a rope to make a circle
Then measure the rope with a normal ruler
Weight cannot be intuitively judged the size of the neck circumference
Can only roughly speculate
General cats and small dogs such as Teddy use XXS and XS
-Medium-sized dogs such as bullfighters use S and M
Large dogs such as Alaska use L
Please measure and choose