Extra Large Potty Pads for Dogs, Odor Eliminating 30" X 36", 150 Count Pee Pads for Dogs, Gigantic XL Dog Pads, 5 Layer Ultra Absorbent Technology, Leak Proof Training Pads for Dogs & Cats

$117.38 USD
  • PREMIUM POTTY TRAINING PAD FOR DOGS: PETSWORLD potty training pads are designed to help you train you potty train your furry friend while quickly absorbing the fluid and eliminating the odor. These extra-large dog pads are 200% more absorbent and durable than the average training pads, making them an optimal choice for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 5-LAYER PROTECTION: These super absorbent pads include 5 layers. First, a non-woven quilted top layer that prevents splatters and tracking around the home. Next, a pulp and polymer sandwich, which instantly turns liquids into a gel, and lastly, a waterproof backing film on the bottom to make cleanup a breeze and protect your precious floors.
  • QUICK DRY AND EXTRA ABSORBENT: The water-to-gel technology of our extra-large pee pads for dogs provides maximum absorption and prevents messy tracking. Our disposable pee pads for dogs with built-in Polymer technology turn liquid into gel instantly and extra odor elimination. Our XL dog pads are perfect for lining a pet playpen, bed, carrier, or crate.
  • EXTRA LARGE & EASY TO DISPOSE PADS: PETSWORLD indestructible dog crate pads measure 30 inches x 36 inches, making these super absorbent pads perfect for dogs and cats living in apartments or large dog homes alone. This pet floor pad for dog potty training is easy to dispose of, making it great for homes, apartments, or travel use.
  • VERSATILE PADS FOR INDOOR-OUTDOOR USE: These puppy potty pads are practical & stylish. The blue surface is designed to blend in with your home's decor and to make the pee pads less noticeable. These extra-large pee pads are versatile and can be used by kittens, cats, rabbits, ducks, squirrels, guinea pigs, and birds for indoor and outdoor use.