Dual-purpose Nest Removable And Washable Portable Pet Nest

$42.33 USD


1. Detachable and washable dual-purpose doghouse
Keep warm and deep sleep
2. Foldable design
Easily foldable design for storage and space saving
3. Handle design
The handle design is convenient to carry and save effort. It is very convenient to carry with you.
4. Zipper design
Smooth zipper design is durable and easy to disassemble
5. Dual-purpose design
Convenient, affordable and easy to transform
6. Anti-slip design
The bottom of the mat is made of non-slip particles, waterproof and non-slip, easy to clean


Material:  Plush

Product Category: Pet Nest
Color: white star on blue background, rice flag, pink dots, dark dots, classic brown, retro wall tiles
Specification: L: 60*45cm, M: 45*35cm, S: 35*30cm

Size Information:

Package Content:

1*Removable and washable portable pet nest