Ceramic cat bowl

$27.86 USD

Material: Ceramic/Bamboo
Capacity: large size 800ml/small size 480ml
Application: cat/dog.

Notes on daily use
The refined pottery clay is burned at 800ᄚC and then painted and then subjected to high-temperature glaze firing ranging from 1300 to 14009C. It belongs to the high-quality secondary firing of high-quality ceramics to protect the health of pets. The surface is solid and dense, free of lead and other metals
It will not chemically react with the food it contains.
1. The washing PH value is between 11-11.5
2. If scratched, use toothpaste to gently wipe the stain
3. Do not wipe with a steel ball to avoid damage or scratches on the surface

4. Do not use it in sudden cold or hot heat to avoid bursting.