Cat vest harness traction rope

$14.99 USD

Product functions / features:
Japanese anti breaking cat chest back suit
1. The fabric is made of polyester canvas, which is fresh and breathable, strong, wear-resistant and durable;
2. Four point decentralized tension design, which can disperse the tension during start-up, and make the sliding cat comfortable without discomfort;
3. 38mm Velcro adjustment + buckle fixation, multi-layer guarantee, the pet is not easy to break free, easy to wear and adjust;
4. The handle designed by ergonomics has good hand feel and more comfortable use process;
5. The metal D-shaped buckle and traction buckle are chrome plated, with good glossiness, not easy to rust and very durable;
6. Tangcao pattern is Japanese style, leisure and fresh, lovely and fashionable. It's usually a cat's clothes. When you buckle D, it becomes a chest back cover when you go out.