Cat Litter Closed Deep Sleep Warm Net Red Mat Summer Pet Supplies

$16.19 USD

Product information:

This is a cat litter closed deep sleep and warm net red mat summer pet supplies, 01 is private enough to give it enough security to sleep, 

02 is warm enough to hug the door, resist the cold wind, 03 heavy fabric, lock Staying at the temperature, 

04 is soft until the milk has been stepped on, and the three-dimensional PP cotton is filled with enough, full and thick


Color classification: Shell nest zipper type (the cushion can be removed and washed) Shell nest button type (the cushion can be removed and washed) Applicable object: cat
Applicable size: 40cm (recommended for cats to sleep within 5 catties) S size 45c

Burger Nest Washing Cheats
1 Take out the inner core of the mat and expose it to the sun
Put the cushion cover and outer nest into the washing machine
2Gently wash or hand wash, wash without deformation
3 Fully dry to reduce bacteria

Packing list:

1* Burger Nest