Automatic Cat Feeder, Auto Cat Food Dispenser - 6 Meals Pet Wet Food Dispenser for Small Dog with Programmable Timer Portion Control Timed Cat Feeder with Voice Reminder

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  • 【No More Worries About Feeding】: No more pre-dawn wake up calls, or worry when you are overtime at night! Easy to program this automatic cat feeder with timer to dispense food in right time. No matter when and where you are, you can feed your pet effortlessly with this automatic pet feeder. The timed feeder for cats and dogs is a perfect choice for you when going out for work or have a short trip. Reset once a week to make the time more accurate
  • 【Care for Your Pet's Health】: Chintu automatic dog feeder helps you create a good feeding routine for your pet. The automatic dog food dispenser ​offers six compartments which contains 540g food (Each tray slot holds for 90ml dry food or semi-moist food). This timed pet feeder delivers precise portions and dispense right amounts of food at certain intervals. Ideal for cats, dogs, dieting pets, aging pets or other pets that requires more frequent feeding or with special needs.
  • 【Easy to Set up and Clean】: The smart pet feeder is very simple to set up. There is no app, no wifi, and no wireless pairing to set up. Runs to timed intervals design(Only Timed intervals without clock setting),You can have the schedule setup in a matter of minutes. 3*AA Battery powered design(Battery not included). Both the cover and food bowl are removable and top-shelf dishwasher safe.
  • 【Build-in Timer and Voice Reminder】 : The progammable pet feeder design with Voice Reminder ,the plate of programmable pet food dispenser automatically rotates to a precise position and make a sound at a set time point to attract pets' attention .Runs on timed intervals.Even if you are not at home, pets can still hear the sound from the feeder remind at the right time. There is a cover over the control panel to prevent pets from damaging them.
  • 【High-Quality Material】: The portion control cat food dispenser is made of impact-resistant,safe, and environment-friendly high-quality ABS housing material with no odor .Chintu brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years.We aim to offer a happier and comfortable live between pets and people . We highly value our customers and we’re always ready to assist you. So, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns

Product Description

CHINTU Pet Food Dispenser allows you to customize the feeding time and food amount for great flexibility. Prevent overeating by controlling precisely the amount of food your pet can access.

You can set up to 6 meals/day, or 2-3 meals/day, Fill in the food for each tray and close the lid and set the time to complete the setup. Smart Programmed Automatic Cat Dog Feeders, Great for feeding your kitten, puppy, small animal during the day while at work or while traveling for a long weekend.

The pet timed feeder made of PS+ABS, food grade, BPA-free ABS food trays care for your pet's health. The trays are removable, easy to clean and use.

No More Early Morning Wake Up Calls

Pets need love, attention, and care.

The Chintu Automatic microchip cat feeder with Portable Design for Indoor/Outdoor Use! Take care of your pet with meal times and portions, which can keep up a regular feeding routine.

Thus, with this auto dog feeder, your pet is fed regularly and will not miss a meal no matter what time it is or where you are.

Every Kitten or Puppy Needs A Antuomatic Pet Feeder

  • Simple, Easy, Convenient!
  • Good for your pets! Give Your Pet a Regular Feeding Routine
  • Chitun Pet Feeder Portable Design for Indoor/Outdoor Use!
  • Suitable for cats and small dogs.

Built In Remind Music Design

When it runs to the setting time, it will play at meal time to call your pets for meal, so she or he will not miss the meal when the food is ready.

Precise Portion Control for Dry & Semi Moist Food

Chintu dog or cat food dispenser with timer allows you to set the time for each meal with just a few buttons. The timer can be set from 1 minute to 23:59. Once set, the timer will automatically count down to the feed time and will continue with the next round of countdowns (Only one interval setting).

Flexible Time Setting

The auto cat feeder built-in programmable timer is simple to set. Feeder works on a 24 hour schedule. Running on timed intervals,time can be adjusted by minute and hour to set specific times. And it Unnecessary to change your pet's original habit and acclimate a new one, or calculate how to set meal plans.

Battery Power

Only battery powered, Power supported by 3*AA batteries. Batteries are not included. Prevent pets from biting the thread and affect the normal operation of the feeder.

Easy to Clean

Made by safe material , the 6 -compartment tray is removable and top-shelf dishwasher safe. The sealed lid and dispenser prevent pets prying paws to turn the tray and steal food.

Update Design

Update design of automatic timed pet feeder, the tamper-proof lid design can prevent the pets to change the programming.

How To Assemble Chintu Aumatic Pet Feeder ?

Install 3*AA battery in Chintu Auto Feeder .

1) Please use new battery, not used battery. LR6 is better than R6P.

2) Change the batteries every 6 months if not in use for a long time.

No.1 compartment should be aligned with the middle of display before closing the tray.

Make Sure upper marking in grey tray NO.1 need to be aligned to lower marking in the white support .

Tighten clockwise and Use the built-in clock and LCD screen to quickly set up your furkids /pet's feeding schedule.

Please make sure that the top cover is closed to prevent the internal components from being wetted by water or puppy pee.

How To Disassemble Chintu Aumatic Dog Feeder ?

Firstly, turn clockwise to open the top cover according to the sign mark on the cover

Secondly, lift the white lid upward

Finally, according to the gray sign mark on the tray, turn counterclockwise and remove the tray from the feeder simply

Tips:During the cleaning process, keep the LCD screen away from water to avoid damage to the LCD display.

If LCD screen appears black or music keeps ringing, please remove the battery and check if the internal components are wet. If so, please wipe or let it dry in the sun for about 10 minutes. Then it will work normally.

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