15-Piece Freshwater Shrimp Starter Kits, Including Shrimp Food, Cholla Wood, Alder Cones and Japanese Mineral Balls

$25.49 USD
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Freshwater Shrimp Kit - 6 Items, 15 Pieces

1- 3'' Cholla Wood
1- 6'' Cholla Wood
5- Japanese Mineral Balls
5- Alder Cones
2- Indian Almond Leaves
Gourmet Shrimp 5-type Shrimp Food Mix
5-Type Shrimp Food Micro Stick Mix Includes:
  • Egg, Krill, Calcium Sticks
  • Veggie Sticks
  • Spirulina Sticks
  • Multi Worm Sticks
  • Multi Shrimp Sticks