Garden Macaw Parrot Food (4 Lbs.)

$33.23 USD
  • Family Owned & Operated in Oregon since 1983
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Blended with #1 Human Grade Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts
  • Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Enriched
  • No Artificial Colors or Sulfites (SO²)

Our advanced formula Complete Pellet Diet plus a tasty assortment of enzyme rich Whole Grains, Seeds, Legumes, Papaya, Pineapple, Banana Chips, Green Bell Pepper, Red Chili Peppers, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Sweet Garden Peas, Filberts(Hazelnuts) and Almonds! Unlike many companies, we choose to package all of our products in Oxygen filled packaging to ensure enzyme rich seeds and grain to optimize the nutritional value. We do not Nitrogen flush or Vacuum pack our products which evacuates the oxygen to increase shelf life. Whole Seeds & Grain should always be stored in an oxygen filled environment to maintain their live enzyme activity and viability. Enzymes are CRUCIAL in aiding the digestion and assimilation of most nutrients. Taking away the oxygen will kill the live enzymes and reduce the nutritional value.