Wooden Small Cockatiel Floor Parrot Standing Stand

$24.57 USD


1/Wooden, stable and strong-the bird frame is made of wood, and all parts are connected with screws instead of glue. In this way, the bracket is stronger and more stable. The portable parrot rack is easy to move throughout the house, and you can also put it in the bird cage as a bird cage rack.
2 / A good gift for your bird-we provide 3 types of stalls for you to choose from. The box includes a ladder, a stainless steel tray, food and water cups, a screwdriver, and three different supports. Some include toy bells, some do not. You can buy our bird toys to decorate your bird house, it will be amazing.
3/ Have fun, training and exercise to stay healthy-parrots are the smartest and cutest birds, which is why we keep them as pets. However, since they are not always flying in the air and fed artificially, they are fragile and easily get sick. Of course, this kind of support can make your bird train well and do more exercises with your help. Suitable for Conures parrots
4 / Safe and natural-our game bed is completely handmade without any toxic materials. Note: You need to assemble the bird rack yourself.


Project: Parrot toy rack bird playground
Size: 53 * 23 * 36cm
Color: wood color
Material: Wood

Package Content:

1*Pet stand